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The Spiritual Network is dedicated to spiritual concerns of the mind, body, and spirit.  We are spiritual individuals that are all linked together, networked in this technological age by computers and the Internet, so that we may share our gifts and messages with you.  Technology has evolved so that we can reach more people and share our love and words of wisdom.  

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Universal Love Eneregy and Knowledge is for everyone Spiritual Guidance can lead you to Universal Love, Energy, and Knowledge
ULEK is an everyday understanding and way of life that brings enlightenment
Herbs and plants provide natural remedies Herbal remedies, aromatheraphy and herbs - natural remedies
Use the natural vibrations of sones and cyrstals to aid you The power of crystals, stones, and minerals was given to us by creation
On-line readings, E-Mail readings, and taped readings From general readings to specific questions
Spirits, angels, gods, and beings speak to us all Automatic writing,  psychics, and channeled information
The stars are planets giving you points of light Astrology Charts, information, and interpretations
Runemasters read the ancient stones of telling The ancient stones are cast for you -  Rune art and information
Art of all mediums and jewlery Beautiful jewelry, custom jewelry, wonderful art works, custom designs
...helping you find the tools, herbs, books, and supplies you need Stores and shops for all your spiritual purchase needs and wants
Please visit other great spiritual sites and let them know we sent you Many links to our other spiritual and information providing friends
Join us and spread the word and learn
Meetings, seminars, workshops, events, fairs, calendar of events
Discussion, feedback, postings, personals, and chat coming!

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