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Webster Dictionary says. . .pä'gen   1. A person who is not a Christian, Moslem, or Jew; a heathen. 2. One who has not religion 3. A Non-Christian 4. A heathen

We say a PAGAN IS - simply someone who practices a nature based religion/practice such as, but not limited to, native American practices, ULEK, druidism, Celt, Norse, Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan, Greek, roman, aboriginal, Wicca, witchcraft, etc..  The Spiritual Network is in hopes of adding sections for many of the pagan practices. This will take time and we are seeking volunteers to design and manage each of the sections; as I am not an expert or have enough knowledge in some of the pagan areas. We expect the Pagan Tree section of the Spiritual Network Web Site to grow a lot! So please visit this section and the Spiritual Network often!

Our goal is to provide you with information. We do not attempt to change anyone's beliefs but offer this information free and of ULEK; in universal love hoping you will find happiness and love your path; in universal energy that you may practice your believes and connect to the energies; and in universal knowledge that the truth comes from learning. Please note that as you travel through this section you will find a variety of believes, uses of words, thoughts of spirituality, ceremonies, and such but all pagan practices have some common denominators, like

If you are going to label yourself something ...
                     please understand the vocabulary you use
and then that depends on which dictionary you use, does it?

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knot2.gif (173 bytes) Native American Section of the Spiritual Network includes making of a medicine wheel and lots of links
knot2.gif (173 bytes) ULEK Universal Love, Energy, and Knowledge - an eclectic all encompassing philosophy
knot2.gif (173 bytes) Pagan Dictionary - tools and commonly used words and expressions
knot2.gif (173 bytes) Colors table
knot2.gif (173 bytes)
Protection & removing hexes & curses
knot2.gif (173 bytes) Sacred Circle - What is a Sacred Circle and what is it used for
knot2.gif (173 bytes) How to make a Permanent outdoor Sacred Circletwirepent.gif (11813 bytes)
knot2.gif (173 bytes) Ritual for a permanent outdoor circle
knot2.gif (173 bytes) The Council of American Witches Principles of Belief
knot2.gif (173 bytes) Wicca
= Gardnerian Wicca/witchcraft

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