No matter what pagan religion you are there can be many uses for a circle. From the Native American Medicine Wheel to the Pagan Circles as described here.

The circle shows us no begining, no end but is a vortex for energy and a path between the worlds. It is a place of protection and power when you are working your magic or paying homage, or empowering yourself. What you do within a Sacred Circle depends on your sect of Paganism. I am of ULEK and I used my circle on full moons to set forth new direction, my goals, to offer thanks for past gains, to energize myself or my goal, to release, to drum, to meditate, and things of that sort - same stuff most pagans use them for.

Just about any witchcraft or celtic book will describe how to make a circle particulair to your religion, so I won't go into that. Instead I will go into what most books do not, and that is setting a Permanent Sacred Circle, how to phsyically make it, and the ritual for using it. Of course adapt as needed if this is not general enough for your particulair pagan religuois sect.

Permanent Sacred Circle

Having a permenet Sacred Circle is NOT for the beginner. This is an outdoor Sacred Site you will be building. You must be 'out of the closet' cause in making this and using this the neighbors will know!  Additionally a perment Sacred Circle will energize beyond any temporary circle cast. The user should be use to communicating with the spirit world already for a perment circle is like casting a circle every day with the power building over time.

Many people practice often enough that they have a reason to make a perment Sacred Circle. It is wonderful if you have space enough to make a circle to offer it's use to others, preferably those that help you build the circle. This is easy to do and can be done to fit your particulair pagan practices. There are common elements such as the four directions and the center of power within a circle. A circle is a place of power and to some a place of protection. Although most pagans do not beleive in 'evil' protection is seen as a place of grounding so that during spirit work you always have a safe home base.

Unlike a circle that is cast each time, this one is already set and ready for use, but there are some special rules and practices associated with a full time circle that need to be paid attention too closely. First, there is an intial opening, blessing, setting, and empowerment of the Pemerent Sacred Circle. This is a ritual that sets it as being open to empower all the time.  In the Initial Setting of the Perment Sacred Circle, you are setting the intentions of the power building continually. After it is set you need to have an opening for each time it is used and a very diferent closing after your work in the circle.

Another reason I say this is not for the beginner is that your practices should be on a solid fondation. Do you beseach power from the elemets, powers, directions, dieties, or gods/goddesses? You need to already have your own ritual for element /power /direction /watchtower /gaurdian circle casting. Since this is written as a generic Pagan Sacred Circle and the four corners become rather specific depending on what sect of Pagan you are, I have not included them in the Initial Setting of the Perment Sacred Circle Ritual so that you may add in your own.

So lets build one!
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