If you wish to make a whole ceremony out of the below incantation, the use of   candles, incense, and stones. Remember the more power you put in it the more you will feel you are a part of the workings. Each have their own power but when you take an active part in a ceremony you put more energy into it thus assisting the effect to come quicker or enhancing the prayer/ceremony. All these things can be used separately or together as your materials (or budget) allows.

Hope all this helps!

Brightest Blessings of Love, Light, and Laughter,


This is mirror/protection spell/prayer. To a christian this is a prayer - to a Wiccan a spell. The power and intent in the same. Because it is all just vocabulary, as explained in ULEK, there are a few places where substitutions of words can be used to best suit your particular believe systemcan be made. . The concept and power is to remove any curses or bad spells that  have ever been placed on you and to prevent other bad spells or curses from being placed on you.  

This is a short buy powerful little prayer or spell - which ever words you prefer...

Say a total of 3 times - you can change around stanzas as best suits you

I set forth this (prayer or spell) for all times, I send it  with love and light
this (prayer or spell) can't be changed with any one else's might
I set this (prayer or spell) forth in love, I am doing what is right
no harm can come to me again, no evil, no curse, no fright
for with the powers of ____ I set this forth in love and light

I hereby release any and all curses, spells, connections and any cord
cutting them away from me now with the power of _____ sword

I now end all curses and spells sent to me of present and past
I release them or they can return from where they were cast