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(seeking a true Wiccan as a volunteer for this section)

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what I am about to say may get to you but truth is truth

Wicca is the newest sect of paganism. YES it is very NEW!

Wicca is a word formed from the writing of Gerald B. Gardner in the late forties when he published his first book. Wicca was the coven that initiated Gardner from which he took lessons and later developed his own methods of witchcraft from. He was English but lived most of his life in Asia. He brought witchcraft into the public eye with his fictional novel on medieval witchcraft followed by announcing that he was a witch in the fifties when he published other books. He later started a museum dedicated to witchcraft and then wrote several other books. His viewpoints are derived from older pagan practices of witchcraft.    True Wicca, as set by Gardner, requires that the initiate who wish to become Wiccan must be initiated by another Wiccan, into a coven,  in a ceremony where the Wiccan Priestess performs a ritual. Wiccans are not solitary but in covens performing rituals as designed by Gardner. With very strict rituals, secrets, and a training system that leads to a hierarchy system a Wiccan trains from a teacher and is not self taught.

There is very little info on the web about Wicca/Wiccan because of the oaths of secrecy that must be promised to be a Wiccan. If you wish to learn more about the sect of paganism known as Wiccan Witchcraft  you should read Gardner's books or check out these links.

Wicca = Gardnerian Wicca


If however you are interested in other pagan practices that include spell craft but are not 'wicca'  return to the main section of the Pagan Tree as presented by Spiritual Network



Please do not be offended, but I feel I would be dishonoring Wicca if I did not tell
you that your information on Wicca is lacking and poorly researched. Most notedly
Gardner did not make up the word or definition of Wicca. I suggest that you read
books such as Margot Adler's "Drawing Down the Moon" (great for the history of
the word wicca and also for a great definition), Starhawk's "The Spiral Dance",
Scott Cunningham's "Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practiontioner", and Marion
Weinstein's "Positive Magic: Occult Self-Help", just to start. While Gerald
Gardner is considered the father of modern Wicca, and contributed useful
knowledge, his system by far not the only way to practice Wicca, as Catholicism is
not the only way to practice Christianity. I am aware of the differences of Wicca
and other pagan religions/practices, so do not conclude that I am lumping all under
the umbrella of Wicca, I assure you I am Wicca! n pure and true; although not in
the Garderarian Tradition. This does not make my system or any other any less
valid. I also suggest you visit www.onewitch.com   and click on the "about" icon to
the left and read this brief info. Another site to visit would be www.wicthvox.com .
I hope this will inspire you to look into this subject with a little more depth and
hopefully expand your knowledge of all things Wiccan.

Blessed Be,

Cosmic Sappho


SN response -

Thanks so very much for taking the time to be interactive! It is from loyal SN visitors that makes the site better and help provide more knowledge. The dictionary and encyclodieas provided the information we presented. We view the word "WICCA" as only the cult of Gardners; as witches and Wiccans are very far from the same thing. Wicca will put you through a snail mail course, which gee, costs money (surprised - not) in order for you to become sanctified 'Wiccan'. Remember that vocabulary can be a very dangerous thing and we believe most witches are ULEK, not wiccan. Most that would label themselves 'witches, (and I stress the word use of label) believe in a wide variety of things falling more into ULEK than any other defined (labeled) category.  As stated at the top of the page - we would like a true 'Wiccan' as sanctified by Wicca to take care of this section. We could always use more 'witches', or what ever other label you want to use,  to provide additional content and sections.

Brightest Blessings of Love Light & Laughter - Kay, Director of the Spiritual Network.