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ASTROLOGY FOR WINDOWS freeware/shareware program
John Halloran makes software that makes astrology calculations/displays for Windows. His Astrology for Windows is a comprehensive astrology program that accurately calculates and displays the positions of the planets and houses in either the Tropical or Sidereal zodiac and seven house systems over approximately 8,000 years. Users can save calculated birth charts for review, change, or comparison with other charts. The program displays two types of graphic wheels, including one showing aspect lines which can be interactively adjusted. Users can easily look at their current transits or examine astrological compatibility between people's charts. Astrology for Windows includes calculation of solar and lunar returns and transits lists.  It features an atlas of 2700 cities and interactive maps of the World, U.S., and Europe. The program includes the new minor planet Chiron and the moon's true nodes. Astrology for Windows is customizable and very easy to use - it features a standard Windows interface and context-sensitive on-line help. The Windows Help includes an introduction to astrology chapter and bibliography. From the Help Menu one runs a separate demo program showing the additional features of the commercial AstrolDeluxe for Windows on which this program is based. There are about 20 companion programs at prices from $26 to $185. All program text is in an editable file, allowing Astrology for Windows to be easily localized for different languages and countries. Now includes Spanish, Italian, French, Portugese, Swedish, Dutch, and Norwegian files. You can download a copy from the webpage at

ASTROSCAN - astrology program with the best info, data and graphics in its class.

Astrolog 5.30
Freeware astrology program.

AstroWorld online - free online horoscope calculation, astrological software and more in english, german, french, spanish and italian language...we recently lauched are new software AstroWorld '98 in all the mentioned
languages, please feel free to download a demo and tell us what you think about it. The english version you can find at

Lover's Compatibility Calculator
Astrology and Biorhythm shareware.
Astrology services and software for the internet. Web hosting with integrated astrological functions !
Possible in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, etc.
Traditional Horary, Electional & Natal Astrology
Traditional Astrology Courses, books, magazines and Consultations, and astrological software.
This is where AdZe buys much of his astrology software and it's the place where you can buy astrological interpretation programs written by AdZe.
MagiTech alt.astrology Archives
Astrology Resources include The monthly newsletter of the GEnie Astrology RoundTable, Some German material collected for de.alt.astrology, Some informative text pertaining to astrology net, AstroConnection Items created by the staff at AstroConnection, Machintosh & PC compatible astrology software and Various astrology related fonts.
This is a great product. The programmer is a most brilliant genius. AdZe is very much in favor of PsyPlan. In fact, AdZe uses PsyPlan to help manage his goals and the stars and wrote a text that comes with PsyPlan. This is where you can get the software, a sample planner and check out the guarantee.
Astrology Shareware
Sandra Rozhon maintains a list of free and almost free astrology software.
Solstice Point
Astrology software and freeware.
SolarMaps Locational Astrology
NEW and fabulous! Does locational astrology the easy way-in Windows! Not just astro-locality maps and relocated chart wheels, not just local space maps and wheels, not just eclipse paths, not just grid systems like Johndro's geodetic equivalents--but also point-and-click locality delineations, and even printed locality reports. Includes asteroids, Uranian planets, Vulcan and Black Moon; uses charts cast by most astro programs and also casts charts on its own. A product of Astrolabe first in windows astrology computing. Call 1/800/843-6682 for all the yummy details! AdZe MiXXe says "SolarMaps Locational Astrology is near and dear to my heart. It is not enough to do the right thing at the right time- you must be in the right place and SolarMaps puts you there." A product of Astrolabe First in Windows Astrology Computing. Astrolabe also publishs Solar Fire, an all purpose calc program for windows -- THE BEST, Solar Spark -- an astro alarm clock for Windows and JigSaw, the first astro research program which is really three modules in one: general research, family dynamics and rectification. American Astrology's Reviewers Choices, March 1996 says "Best Astrological Program of 1995" Email Astrolabe's Director of Marketing.
If you have Windows or Win95 and would like a free moonphase screensaver click here.
Astro-World is an Astrology-shareware-program for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 with print and screen interpretations for Radix- (Natal) Synastry-, Composit-, Combine and Transit-Horoscopes. The printed natal chart evaluation consists of about 27 pages. Six different House-systems are included: Koch, Placidus, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Vehlow, as well as Equal-House.Visit the Astro-World site and download a free trial version.

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