Cleaning, Programming, & Care of Crystals and Stones

After selecting your crystal/stone/gem, and before you use it, be sure to clean it. Several people have touched your crystal and it is best to start fresh and clean with a strong positively charged stone. Additionally, be sure to clean your stones if they have not been used in a long time, after each use when you are using them to clear negative energy or illness, and when you feel they need a recharge.Remember as much assistance as stones can give they do not take place of professional medical attention.

Some stones will actually turn colors or lose power and effectiveness due to misuse or poor storage considerations.

Never put the following stones in direct UV or sunlight for a long period of time. They will change color or become paler and will be weakened.  Once the color has faded you can not get the color back and it is the color that additionally offers the useful properties of the stone since colors are also vibrations. In order to cleanse these stones that are sensitive to light be sure to use the moon, salt or ground method of cleaning depending on the stone.
  • Aventurine
  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Beryl
  • Citrine
  • Kunzite
  • Sapphires
  • Fluorite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Smokey Quartz

There are many methods of cleaning stones and you must use common sense and have some knowledge of the stone and what you are cleaning it of to select the best cleansing method. Please note that in using any information on this web site that you do so at your own risk and under the terms stated in our Policy.

SEA SALT  DRY- Use with caution. This is probably the best all around method to use. Sea salt may be caustic to some softer stones, damage finishes on stones, or effect the encasing of jewelry stones. If you live near an ocean you can use the ocean itself to clean your stone but as many of us do not we must settle for purchasing sea salt. Do not use table salt since it contains additions that are not in the best interest of cleaning your stone.  Place the stone with the point downward in the sea salt and leave 24 hours. 

SEA SALT WET -  Use with caution. Sea salt may be caustic to some softer stones, damage finishes on stones, or effect the encasing of jewelry stones. Most importantly is to use a good sprint water. Do not use tap water. Use 1/2 cup of sea salt to 1 cup natural sprint water. Allow to soak 8-24 hours depending on the stone and the need. Allow to dry natural either in the sun or moonlight depending on the stone.

A CLEANING CRYSTAL - You can purchase a large crystal that is specifically used to clean other crystals, discharge negativities, and recharge a stone. The cleaning crystal itself must be programmed for this use and taken proper care of to assist you. For those who use stones a lot or who uses them on others  cleaning and recharging stones can become very time consuming. A cleaning crystal saves a lot of time and often works better than some of the individual cleaning  methods. Crystal Kay offers services and full instructions on how to make a cleaning crystal.

MOONLIGHT - Place your stone in the full moon light. This of course can't be done at any time and should only be done during the single night of the full moon.

SMUDGE - Using sage, sweatgrass, frankincense or cedar to smudge the stone. Allow the stone to rest for several hours afterwards.

SAND/EARTH - Some very natural stones prefer to return to Mother Earth to be cleaned. This method is best for unpolished non-jewelry natural stones. Place the stones in sand or earth then using a natural spring water pour about a cup over the place where the stone is buried and allow it to regenerate for 24 hours.


There are many types of crystals so be sure you are purchasing the right type of crystal for the use. When selecting your crystal you should be thinking of what you want the crystal to assist you with. Have this intent in mind when you select your crystal. You will 'feel' it is the right one for that intent. Each crystal has specific abilities and intent. Be sure that the stone and your intent are the same and that the stone can do what you want it to do. Take the time to meditate a moment with the stone and connect to the stone. The stone has it's own energy and it is almost like it's own personality. Connect to the stone and feel it's energy.  Think of how you wish to use the stone then ask the stone if it will work with you in this way. If the answer is yes you will feel the energy increase or the stone temperature change. This is an indication the stone is 'talking' to you. If the stone is indifferent or does not want to work with you or the intent you will not feel anything. It is highly recommended that you always let the stone have the same intent as what is natural to it. Changing the intent will often weaken the power of the crystal.

When you first get your crystal, and as you clean it, it should be programmed or dedicated to it's function. Basically programming a stone is only focusing the direction of energy and increasing the energy of the stone. A moonstone will always be a moonstone not matter what you try to program it to be. Programming the crystal allows it to be more powerful in it's natural engeries. In the simplest programmings that anyone can do you are meditating and saying a mantra (prayer, meditation, chant) while cleaning a crystal. More complex programming can take days, are to be done during certain moon cycles, require additional herbs to be used while cleansing or to be stored in, me need certain colors to be wrapped in, may take other stones to be used, etc...

Other dedications. . . Healers cleanse and fortify stones energies. Pagans dedicate the stones to the specific work they wish of the stone or to a specific God/Goddess. Crystal Kay offers services and full instructions on how to program a stone/crystal and many pagan ceremonies from Native to Wiccan . Empowering stones for wand use and some ceremonies are more intensive and is not for a beginner, but anyone can program a crystal.

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