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The Spiritual Network would like to offer you the following dream catcher legend and information for your review.  we beleive that a dreamcatcher is a wonderful gift given to all peoples, not just Native Americans. But we whole heatedly thank the native Americans for this gift to the rest of us in the coming time of the Rainbow Warriors;  for all paths lead to the same place in ULEK (Universal Love, Energy & Knowledge. This page was written by Holding Rainbow Warrior Woman who also did the Native American Section of the Spiritual Network.

Although we are not sure which Native American tribe first made the dreamcacther it is assumed to be the Ojibway tribe. There is evidence that in the early twentith century that they hung ornaments from a childs cradleboard. Made small with a wooden hiip dyed red plant twine made a webbing. The Pawnee tribe of the Northern Plains created charms where they say the webbing was for Spider Woman, whom is a spirtual ancector who rules over the buffalo.

Ojibway tradition states that as the night falls, dreams and negative energies emerge and begin to fill the air all around. Some dreams, even if they are bad one, develope to send us a very important message from the Spirit world and those dreams even though they may seem like a nightmare are actaully a good dream for they bring us a lesson or important message.  But many bad dreams and negative energies just float around, for these undirected negative energies and dreams, the dream cacther is made.

It is said that for a child the dream cacther should be made of a wooden or willow hoop so that as the days and years pass it will break. It is to signify that the child is growing and as they grow a larger dream cacther would be made. Many use the original dream cacther for the child as symbolisms of growth. As the child grew or signifigant things happened in the child's life a symbol of that special moment would be odorned to the dream catcher, so the ornimatation increased as the child grew older. Even as adults our dream catchers are usually of signifigance to us. It is very powerful to have the feathers of a totem on your dream cacther.

Feather are a very important part of the dreamcacther. The hanging down feathers attract good dreams and as the good dreams find thier way to the dream cacther they are pointed down to the sleeping person. The feathers gentle direct the positive energy and dreams to you. Thinking that energy and dreams come from the sky and all around us the dreamcacther directs the positive energy to you while intangling the negative energy. Many Shamins and dancers will have small dreamcacthers with them for this reason. That is also why dreamcacthers make great jewlery.

In almost all dream cacther legends we find the spider. Some tribes consider the spider the Keeper of the dreams, some call it Iktome.  Often the beads in the dream cacther represnt the spider itself who will eat the bad dreams. Other legends say that the spider holds the bad dreams in the web until Father Sun comes and makes the bad dreams caught in the web disappear.

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Dream Cacther Legend....

A spider was quietly spinning his web near the bed of grandmother.  Every day she watched as the spider worked at making it's web.  Several days later the grandson came in and saw that the grandmother was looking at a spider. He picked something up and went towards the spirder to kill it.

Grandmother stopped him and said, "No, do not kill Iktome (the spider).    Do not hurt him."

The boy thought his grandmother as silly but respected her wishes even though she would not tell him why he should not kill the spider. After the boy left grandmother returned to watching Iktome.

Then the spider spoke,"Thank you. For days you have watched me work hard when spinning my web and you have obviously enjoyed watching my work. In return for saving my life I wish to give you something. In the full moon light I shall spin you a web in the window. Wacth how I weave the web and  learn, for the web I weave will catch all bad dreams and energies, entangling them in the web. The small hole in the middle will allow good dreams and energies to pass through to you.

When the full moon came grndmother sat at the open window and wacthed Iktome weave the magical web. Near dawn Iktome finished the web. Grandmother smiled as she looked at the weaving, she thanked the spider for giving her such a wonderful gift. As she drifted off to sleep she heard the spider say, "Learn". 

The gratitude and love of grandmother and Iktome touched the hearts of the ancestors and they added to Iktomes gift as grandmother slept.

As the morning came beautiful dew drops formed on the web and the gentle breeze of sister wind blew small dove feathers to dance lightly at the bottom of the webbing. Raven  placed a long feather on the sill. 

As grandmother opened her eyes, Father Sun shown on the web and made the dew drops sparkle in the light.

We thank grandmother, Iktome, and our ancestors for giving us this blessed gift from the Spirit world!

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Dream catcher's hand made by shaman Tree Song

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