The Path of Conditioned Responses
Action and reaction to others and experiences

As an animal, and just like all animals, we learn conditioned responses. When you are repeatedly told 'no' (being faced by an angered look, harsh tone, or gentle slap) you learn that the word 'no' means to stop whatever you are doing and that you will not be pleased if you do that thing. This is a conditioned response that almost every animal can understand. Most animals are trained when they are young about what they shouldn't do. A conditioned response it taught by gentle repeated action or by a traumatic intense action. Once learned, a conditioned response is hard to get past. It becomes a part of us, deep within our subconscious. As children we also learn how to make others react in the way we want. A child learns that if they act in a certain way, they will receive attention. This is a basic and animalistic quality we all have.

Unfortunately, we are conditioned at an early age to deny our creativity and our connected spirituality. As children we are told there are no such things as ghosts, angles in your room, and imaginary friends. Eventually, we are conditioned to believe that we can not see spirits. Society itself even propagates the denial of other senses, spirits, and connectivity. Often we are not aware of the action/reaction of taught conditioned responses. As adult we often can not remember the training or event that we experienced that gave us a conditioned response.

A conditioned response could be:

The point is that often we do not remember the reason that we act the way that we do. It is very very important to figure out why you do something. There is a reason, so what is the reason? Is this something that you want to change? Why do you fear some things? I can not stress enough that you should have assistance when dealing with deep and traumatic fears.

A Step on this Path: List out everything you are afraid of and the reason you are afraid. Look back to find what brought about the fear. Again, meditation and hypnosis works well for this. Fear is not needed if you learn the lesson of the event. If you still fear something then you have not learned all on that path. Walk each Path of Fear until the light shines brightly on that road and you can walk down the road and leave the road taking no fear. A story of a Path of Fear

A Conditioned Response Fear is very very difficult to overcome. For some it will take many years of therapy, working through the issues, and a lot of starting the path over. But the Conditioned Response factor can be used to our advantage.

You can train your own conditioned responses. Ceremonies themselves offer a conditioned response, such as religious ceremonies. But on a more simple level you can change your whole attitude to a positive loving feeling by creating your own conditioned response. I personally use a cup of tea made in a certain way to give me a self-loving comfort. I start every day (at least when I am home) with a cup of my tea. When I am not feeling well or just need to feel better, I will also make a cup of tea. This is a conditioned response I programmed myself.

A Step on this Path: Programming yourself to feel loved is easy as long as you know the feeling of being loved. You can also make yourself happy or sleepy using the same method. You first need to establish what emotion you want to be automatic. Next determine what will be the action that will invoke the conditioned response (a food, drink, snapping your fingers, whistling, rubbing your hands together, a way of breathing, patting your arm or thigh in sets of three or four).

To condition yourself to a physical response you must repeat this action every day, five times a day, for five minutes, for an entire month. To condition yourself to food or drink it will take a lot longer because you can really always eat/drink the same think five times a day for a month and it still be enjoyable, but be sure to do this at least once a day. Different people will get different result, some may take longer than a month to get the desired effect.

With the item and the emotion established you need to construct a large database to bring up the desire emotion. And the whole entire time you are doing the action you must recall and experience the desire emotion. This will establish a conditioned response.

Programming your own conditioned responses offer many benefits. If you have a personal conditioned response to make you feel peaceful and secure, you can use it in any stressful or uncomfortable situation to bring that wonderful relaxed feeling into focus; when meeting new people, being on a job interview, or sitting in front of your boss during a review. You can always rush out and make a cup of tea! I rub the top of my thighs, looking like I am straightening out my clothes. This action has a deep personal meaning to me because my uncle used to always wipe his hands on his thighs in this manner, instead of using a napkin. He left earth when I was very young but I have so many warm loving memories of him that the conditioned response of happiness and knowing that I am loved is an instant feeling when I rub the top of my thigh. And also, this is an action that is not normally done. That is important. Your conditioned response can not be a common activity or a fidgety habit movement. It has to be something deliberate and special.