mywheel.gif (2809 bytes)The Four directions points should be marked using a compass to find exact North (white), South (red), East (yellow) and West (black). Your first decision in making your own medicine wheel is how big it will be and that is partially determined by if you will have directional stones marking the four directions or a smaller circle indicating the directional points. To help you make that decision consider these questions.

  1. Will you be building a fire within the circle?
  2. Will the fire be in a direction point circle or the middle?
  3. How many people will be the most ever in the circle?
  4. Will you place an alter within the circle? East is common to many pagans.
  5. Will you ever have people representing the four directional points?
  6. Do you have a large enough flat area outside to make the circle?
  7. Eastward is where you enter a circle from.

bar5_anm.gif (28988 bytes)

These four directional stones can be guardian/watchtower stones or a smaller circle of stones with the center point being again the exact direction per the compass.  You should select the stones or objects you will be using in your medicine wheel before you begin to make it. Some people will use statues for the directional points in the totem animal for that direction. This is your space and I personally believe what ever things you consider powerful makes them powerful and should be used. Sorry, but I do waiver from some of the traditional Native viewpoints on the construction.

So the first step is to note where the center of the circle will be. The ground should be flat and make sure you have enough room before you start. Since the Tree is represented in the center in Black Elk's Vision, you might have a tree be the center point of the circle.  Our if you intend to have a fire pit that would be the center. Think it all out first. If you have a fire make sure that it is far enough away from buildings and trees, and close enough to a water supply in case if get out of control. Unexpected winds should be expected when doing ceremonies in the Medicine Wheel.

The center is the power point of the circle and where ALL comes from. Take a pencil with a string tied on to it and embed the pencil into this exact center point. Having someone help is a big plus, one to hold the center point and the other to mark the edge and the directional points. Next, bring the string out as far as the outside of your circle will be. Tie the string onto another stick or a knife so that you can mark the ground and the points. Walk around in a circle, marking the outside parameter of the medicine wheel by scouring the ground. Then stand in the center and use a compass to locate the exact four directional points. Mark the directional point on the scoured circle. Place your marker at the directional points - either a stone, a circle of stones, statues, alters, etc.. With the four power points marked complete filling in the circle with three stones between each power point. Between these points are three stones each representing months or the three animal totems of each direction.

The inner eight stones make the circle around the Spirit point or the Tree that stands in the center. These eight stones used to make the inner circle represent the four directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Spirit or yourself. Or in Pagan uses the eight stones would represent the eight Sabbaths. The center circle is where a fire could be build or alter, or offerings placed. There are many ways to use the Medicine Wheel/Circle and the more often it is used the more power it will hold for your ceremonies. This is a place of high medicine and should be built with time and care as a permanent place.

Once your circle is made I think it imperative to do an opening ceremony to bless the space. Depending on your believes will determine how you will use the wheel/circle and of course the opening ceremony too.  

Blessings from Holding Rainbow Warrior Woman - and welcome to the circle of life.