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The Rainbow Tribe consists of everyone, of native and non-native blood, that believe that in our coming together as a tribe of people, of all colors ,that we will make the one true tribe of two-legged ones that we are.  The Rainbow Tribe is actually many small groups that are coming together in understanding and celebration of the diversity of people and who understand their importance and their obligation of love to the Mother Earth and all that is here. We are not in any way trying to steal the native American ways nor to even encroach upon their wonderful ceremonies of spirituality. We are simply showing that we, as a member of the Rainbow Tribe, understand what Native American's and Pagans have long understood.

Those in the Rainbow Tribe understand that Mother Earth is to be loved and protected with Father Sky watching us from above. We understand that the four directions (North, South, East, and West) hold power and should be celebrated and honored. We know that we are here as the children, as are our brothers and sisters in the animal world. Rainbows understand that this is the Time of Transition. We know that animals assist us and so does the wisdom of the ancient ones. Rainbow Tribe people do not do drugs to induce visions or use them during ceremony. We know that visions must come from within, not through drugs or alcohol. Rainbows hold the practice of rendezvous, drumming, sweat lodges, and vision quests in honor.

The name of Rainbow Tribe apparently arrived from a multi-national attending group of people attending a sweat lodge. The host of the sweat lodge was initially reluctant to perform this ceremony for non-natives but agreed. One of the attending had a crystal as a wotai stone and in this crystal the native giving the sweat saw the rainbow. The next time he agreed to give a sweat to a growing group of non-natives as he traveled to the area, he  saw a rainbow. This story and the combination of the fact that those of the Rainbow tribe are very multi-racial come together for the name of Rainbow Tribe.

Rainbow Warriors are those of us in the Rainbow tribe who's duty is that of a warrior. We are here to stand up for pagan ways, ways of the Native American's, to send out the call, to be active in the fight for Mother, Father, and our sisters and brothers; the winged ones, the swimmers, the four legged and even us two legged.

As my name is Holding Rainbow Warrior Woman
I give this section of the Spiritual Network
as part of my active participation and my fight.

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