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You are the One  ~   I am the One ~ We are the Ones  ~ All linked together
We are spiritual individuals that are all linked together, networked in this technological age  by computers and the Internet, so that we may share our gifts,   love, and messages with you.  Technology has evolved so that we can reach more people and share our love and words of wisdom.   Each of us are a student and each of us is a teacher.

Our boards, chat rooms, & classifieds are subject to  our POLICY
In entering any ads, the rooms or the message boards you
agree to the policy and to follow the posted rules at the bottom of this page.

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http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/spiritualnetwork   Is the best place to reach us now!

Spiritual Network Yahoo Club
  • At this time we are no longer hosting an ICQ, Talk City, or applet/java chat rooms and have discontinued the classified section. These features may be restarted at some time but suggest that you use the Yahoo chat room above. Any changes and new features will be posted on this page. Thank you.

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Yes, as open-minded and as spiritual as we are  - we still have rules for the communications. If you can not follow these simple principles, then please do not visit our chat rooms, discussion boards, classifieds, guest book or any other communication services.  Our communication services are designed for a topical discussion on spirituality which includes but is not limited to; various religions and practices, how the earth started, souls, soul clusters to mates, self-empowerment, Chakras, vibrations, levels of spirituality, fae, dragons, self-healing, divination practices, UFOs, creation, science verses religion, After life, karma, Chi Kung, common basis of most religions, personal power, Yin/Yang, living spirituality, unconditional love, energy,  martial arts, life/death, and so much more!

Failure to follow  rules will result in you being kicked out of the room, temporarily or permanently (at our discretion). We would like this to remain a wonderful place for those of all ages, religions, beliefs, to teach and to learn as well as discuss and explore. Please join us with an open heart.

  1. NO VULGARITY - Postings are rated 'G' for General Audiences. Please understand that we get people of all ages and that includes a wide selection of teens and pre-teens.

  2. STAY ON THE TOPIC - These communication centers are designed for a topic of discussion. If you do not care for the current topic just give it a few minutes and it will probably change, or listen in. If you would like to discuss a topic, please pose a question and the topic might just change.

  3. BE OPEN-MINDED - Please be open-minded and accepting that we all have different opinions, religions, and spiritual practices. Express opinions with love and respect to others.  Do not tell someone they are wrong just because their belief is different than your own, be open-minded to all spirituality and discussions.

  4. NO NAME CALLING OR BASHING - These communication centers are dedicated to sharing and learning about religions, practices, philosophies, metaphysics, and such; in a loving and understanding manner.   Do not call people names, be considerate in what you say to others.

  5. NO CONVERTING - We all feel very strongly about our religion (ULEK) and truth but these communication centers are not a forum for converting others to your way of thinking. There is no wrong spiritual path and we have this room to discuss and learn about the different paths that all lead to the same place. Your opinion is yours and may be expressed but refrain from condemning.

  6. NO SINGING or EXCESSIVE QUOTING - This means that you should not type in lines of a song nor sing. This takes up space and distracts from the topic. If you are discussing a topic only one or two quotes may ever be needed - so please refrain from excessive quoting.

Spiritual Network Yahoo Club

And always remember everyone is here to learn and share
with us please be respectful of their feelings and beliefs

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