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Before & After a Tattoo

Receiving and healing of a tattoo is 100% your responsibility. Sorry but before you read anything I have to state a disclaimer. If you do or do not do any of the following it is not my responsibility in any manner - everything is your decision. People are sue happy these days so before you even bother reading and thinking anything I hereby state that I have no responsibility nor make any medical claims of there being any proper procedure to heal a tattoo for every person. Consult with a medical professional and your personal tattoo artist for any questions or concerns.  The following information is posted as a general guideline and may not be applicable for you. No medical claims or warranties are being stated, just general information that may not be true for every individual. Your election to do or not to do any of the following is your decision and I am not responsible in any manner for any  consequence, side effects, or injury should you elect to do any of the following.

Research the Tattoo Shop

Research the tattoo artist

Before you get a tattoo



First I will tell you that even in the shop I work out of there are different ways each artist will recommend for healing. remember I have stated a disclaimer - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Also note that many artists (like myself) guarantee the application of the tattoo if you follow their direction. Personally,  I do the first touch up for free in case there was a problem in the healing or in the case of a large tattoo the skin may not of liked the last bit and the color may not be as impactual as I would like so I ask clients to feel free to come back for the first touch up. However I will not do touch-ups on the feet or hands since the skin is different and the tattoo will not hold well regardless.


Remember these are just generalizations and recommendations with no
responsibility to me. It is just info to assist you in your selecting and healing
of a tattoo. Always follow your best judgment and talk to the tattoo artist
about how they recommend to heal the tattoo and why. For years people
used petroleum products - now most don't - so ask and find out.
Information is your power and the best source for having a great
tattoo experience now and in years to come.

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